How To Optimize Your Home as a Pet Owner

If you’re like most pet owners, then your furry friend is like your child—you want nothing more than for Fluffy and Fido to be happy and healthy. Of course, this involves regular trips to the vet for wellness visits and plenty of visits to the local dog park. At the end of the day, though, the most critical factor to keep in mind is how your home impacts your pet’s health and well-being.

Keep everyone healthy.



You’ve likely heard someone refer to putting your oxygen mask on before you try to help others. This doesn’t begin and end with flying in an airplane. In practice, it’s just as crucial for you to care for yourself before you can truly take care of your pet or human family members. If you find your beloved pet’s dander irritates your allergies or asthma, install a HEPA air purifier as a way to create clean air and reduce allergens. Then, you can turn your attention to caring for your fur baby. Naturally, this doesn’t have to be limited to an air purifier or HEPA filter—in all instances, ensure you’re caring for yourself to provide for your pet.

Create a beautifully pet-friendly space.

Like any homeowner, you want your home to be aesthetically pleasing. However, it has to be a safe space for your fur baby, too. You might love houseplants, for instance, but you must include only pet-friendly plants like spider plants, Boston ferns, or African violets. Begin your search by browsing pet-safe plants only, and be sure to check with a resource like the ASPCA to ensure a certain houseplant is genuinely nontoxic. The same concept will apply to any aspect of your home. Before you bring something into your space, make sure it’s something that can’t harm your fur baby—even if a toxic plant or other dangerous detail is out of your pet’s reach, you’ll be better off opting for a pet-safe option instead.

Upgrade your furnishings.



While you’re installing HEPA air purifiers and high-quality filters, take some time to ensure the other features of your home are ready for your pet. Suppose you’re bringing home a puppy or kitten, for instance. You might not be prepared for them to scratch up the arm of your sofa or leave an odor-filled stain on your hardwood floor. To avoid these issues before they happen, consider upgrading to more durable flooring, or whatever pet-friendly furnishings your home might need.

Maintain your pet’s well-being.

You might focus on pet pollutant reduction or nontoxic plants at home, but it’s just as vital that you care for your pet beyond the house, too—if only so that they can be that much safer at home. Take your long-haired feline to the groomer regularly and bring your pup to the vet as needed. Keep an eye on their weight and other health details and ensure they get the care and attention they need. Your home efforts will be made more manageable—and that much more effective—when paired with outside efforts focused on your fur baby’s health and wellness.

From pet-friendly houseplant options to home upgrades like a portable air cleaner, your favorite furry family members will be healthier and happier with a little extra attention around the home and beyond. Consult your veterinarian and other reputable resources to learn how to optimize your home and different everyday environments for your pet’s health and well-being. Just as importantly, ensure that you’re prioritizing your own wellness alongside your pup or kitten. Upgrading your flooring to something more durable or bringing home plant babies that improve the indoor air quality without risking your fur baby’s health is a small price to pay for a long life with your beloved pet.

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