How to make bath time a fun activity for your dog?

The dogs are naturally reluctant towards taking a bath, and making the bath time a fun activity for the dogs needs you to start early. When your dogs are babies, you should begin to bathing them so that their fear wears off prematurely and they know that it is a part of their routine.

Unlike human babies, the puppies require you to plan a strategy for their bathing so that they can enjoy their time well. Many tips can help you with the fun-making process, but here we have gathered the top five ones to enjoy with your dog and create good memories with him.

If you still find it challenging to convince your dog to take a nice bath, you have the option to consider the professional dog grooming service, a service that is dedicated to the grooming of your dog. Now there are several options for hiring this service. Like first, you can call them and get an appointment booked for your dog at the salon, or you could call the mobile pet grooming service and get them to serve your dog at home. Whichever is more convenient for you, you can have it that way.

Here are the five tips for making bath time a fun activity for your dogs.

  1. Have them play

Before taking your pet right into the bathing tub, you need to consider giving an excellent playtime to him. For this, you can play in the bathroom with the dog so that he gets familiar with it. You can bring in your favorite toys and play around. Hide some treats in the toys and make it super cool for the dog.

  1. Check the water

The temperature of the water is also something significant for keeping your dog happy during bath time. Too much hot or too cold water will shock the dog and make him hurry from the bathroom. On the other hand, lukewarm water is what the dogs are going to love. So before pouring the water onto the dog, first check it on your skin and then try it on him.

  1. Give them water wings.

The non-slip mats are a perfect solution for the dogs slipping away in the tub. This can be very offensive and traumatic for the dog if he keeps slipping and pounding his head and face on different surfaces.

  1. Choose a good shampoo.

You want to give a nice clean to the dog, and a good shampoo will ensure that easily. So take a good shampoo and bathe your dog with it.

  1. Treat them

Keep the treats close and give them to the dog when he has finished the bath, before the tub, and during the bath. This will keep his mood lifted, and he will come to the next bath happily. Remember not to freak out in the whole process because the dog senses your spirit and acts according to that.


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