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Best Things to Do with a New Puppy

Which brings me to my next point do get your puppy vaccinations many breeders will give puppies shots at 6 weeks. However at this time their immune system is still relying on their mother there is a period during the first few weeks in which the maternal antibodies are still present in the puppy’s bloodstream at 6 weeks.

They are too low to prevent against disease however they are also too high for vaccines to work. You will need to protect your puppy from being exposed to diseases and you will need to get them vaccinated at eight weeks.

When you get them vaccinations need to be administered at eight weeks at 12 weeks and at 16 weeks remember to protect them during this time when you’re taking them to the vet for theseĀ  vaccinations, do not put them on the floor at the clinic unless it’s a large breed and you can’t help it. Do not let them interact with other dogs at the vet’s office and do not let other people other than the vet’s staff pet them.

All of those are just examples in which germs are being spread even more and you already have to deal with airborne viruses so don’t make it worse. Raising a puppy is really exciting thing and owners most likely to track their progress with puppy growth chartĀ  Do get your puppy microchipped and get identification tags to go on their collar, so many pets go missing every year and it’s not just bad pet owners that lose their dog. It can happen to anybody, having your pet microchip will dramatically increase your chances of finding them if they are ever lost even petunia is microchipped plan on getting your puppy fixed.

I’m not a big advocate when it comes to other animals and getting them spayed and neutered but when it comes to dogs and cats this is a very serious issue. Spaying and neutering is very important in preventing unwanted litters if your dog was to escape they will most likely come in contact with another dog. You want to be adding to the problem and if you do have more than one dog that will help you by not having to have them separated all the time. Female dogs will bleed so having them spayed will prevent a mess if you have your male dog neutered before six months.

This will prevent them from lifting their leg to mark, keep your dog free of parasites but do not use flea and tick medication on puppies. Personally, I really don’t like flea and tick medication for even older dogs. My dogs never have any type of flea and tick medication prevention because their diet and good grooming keeps them free of parasites in some extreme cases especially with rescues. I do believe that it is necessary however with puppies it can be very dangerous the majority of pet poisoning cases actually are because of flea and tick medications, cheap products are some of the worst and these situations in which dogs have a reaction to the medication are very severe. They can cause seizures brain damage and can also lead to the dog’s death.

So, if your puppy does have ticks or fleas do not use any medication you can wash them with Dawn dish soap. Get them full of suds leave them covered in the suds for 10 minutes. This will help kill the fleas and then afterwards just comb them down with a fine-tooth comb to remove anything that is left.

Get your puppy a crepe a lot of people see the crate as something that is mean however it is not mean to keep your puppy in a crate for short periods of time dogs would naturally want a dent to feel safe in and the crate is that for them it is their safe den the crate will really help you with potty training.

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