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Learn How to Assemble an Aquarium Correctly

Having an aquarium at home is one of the best options for those who want to relax watching fish. Spending hours looking at these animals brings lulls after a stressful day of work. In addition, this container also serves as decoration thanks to its diversity of colors.

Having one is not difficult, but beginners often have many doubts, which is normal. Look at, a specialty store and talk to a good seller. They can clarify what you do not know and even give advice. Now we will give you some tips to help with this task and set up an aquarium correctly.

Choosing the Aquarium

The size of the aquarium will depend on the amount and species of fish you want. If you only have one fish, a small container is enough, but if you want something more colorful with several animals, you need to invest more. Regarding the format, the best option are glass and rectangular.


The filter is very important to keep the ecosystem functioning. It is the one that guarantees the cleanliness and quality of the water, making it crystal clear, odorless and habitable for animals and plants. However, again the choice of filter will depend on the amount of fish you want. A small aquarium for a single living being is not capable of behaving like a filter. Therefore, when purchasing the aquarium, consult a specialist seller to know if you should buy the appliance.


Lighting is an important factor in large aquariums. It will be responsible for photosynthesis of algae and plants – if it is inside the container -, triggering the oxygenation process of the water. The light also fixes on the fish’s body the proto-vitamin and calcium, necessary to keep it healthy.

Thermostat and heater

The thermostat in the aquarium is important to avoid sudden changes in temperature. Each species of fish has a certain temperature for its metabolism to work. If the environment is far above or below ideal, the animal may become weak and even die.


The sand or substrate is sold at any specialized store. You will find in the different formats and colors, but it is important to know which to buy because some end up altering the pH of the water. PH variations can harm fish and plants. Some good options are: river sand, basalt gravel and sand filter pool. The quantity to be purchased will depend on the size of the aquarium.


The decoration is very important to leave the environment colorful and more realistic. Opt for natural objects like rocks, trunks and plants. Avoid too many artificial decorations. Before placing in the aquarium, see if the objects will not change the pH of the water and lastly do not forget that the fish need space, so do not overdo the decoration.

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