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The challenges in owning an exotic pet in Australia

Owning a pet at your home is surely a treat for the pet-lovers more so if your pet is exotic. But the problem is that owning an exotic pet is conditional and comes with many rules to comply with. In this article, we are going to view from the Australian perspective what sort of exotic pets is it legal for you to buy and keep at your home.

Have you been thinking lately of buying an exotic pet?

Well, this article is especially for pet lovers where we bring to you some of the challenges of owning an exotic pet in Australia. Maybe the following points will help you to choose the right exotic pet for your home.

Keeping yourself and your exotic pet safe

Safety is one of the challenges for sure. owning an exotic pet such as a chameleon, snakes, turtles, live corals, or starfish at your home is not surely recommended if you are a first-time pet owner.

You see this is only for the veterans of animal owners who have a long history of pet upkeep at home. You never know with domesticating your animal to the new environment and eventually run the risk of being attacked by your pet only.

The other possibility is that your exotic pet is attacked by the other animals in your surroundings such as stray dogs, or other domesticated animals at home.

Finding out whether your exotic pet is even legal in Australia

When it comes to exotic animal domestication and pet rules Australia has its own set of rules of course similar to any other country. The rules state that reptiles can only be imported from other countries but then they will need special permissions from the government can mostly of these permissions are approved not just for any individual wanting a new exotic reptile at home but only for wildlife conservationist institutes and zoos.

Some of these restrictive rules are set for turtles, tortoises, snakes, and lizards. Exotic fishes can only be kept as a pet but this permission is only for zoological institutes and research laboratories. Find out about exotic pets and their legality in Australia.

Finding the right pet food and medicine

Even if you get a grant for keeping an exotic pet you will still have to wonder about how to manage and find supplies of food and medicine for your exotic pet. Surely you will need to ensure timely food and of course, the right edible type for your exotic pet and medicines are a must in times of emergency. As a clear-cut instruction, the import of any type of live food for your domestic pet is not authorized in Australia.

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