Dachshunds & separation anxiety

Whether you call this breed “doxie” or “wiener dog”, or “Dachshunds”, these long-bodied dogs have been popular for decades. Dachshunds are purely family dogs, intelligent, faithful, and lively, with a big dog bark in a small body. They are protective by nature and get suspicious of almost everything and respond to whatever seems like a threat. All dog breeds dislike being left alone, but the Dachshund has a special problem with it. This breed is prone to separation anxiety, loneliness, and even episodes of melancholy if its owners aren’t paying enough care.

Can Dachshunds be left alone?

Dachshunds may be left alone if they are given the right hobbies and toys. You can leave a Dachshund alone at home, but only for a maximum of four to six hours, depending on how old the dog is. If you have to leave the house, you may put your Dachshund in a crate with some exciting toys to keep them from acting out due to nervousness. Leaving them alone all day while you’re at work is not recommended. Being alone for too long will provoke them for gnawing, barking, howling, and other harmful activities.

Can Dachshunds be left alone for an extended period?

According to the rules of science, the answer is yes. You may leave your Dachshund alone at home for a more extended time, even for the entire day if you want to. However, it won’t be simple for this little pooch. This breed of dogs isn’t very autonomous and for them, being left alone is torture.

In the absence of adequate training and supervision, dachshunds may get into quite a bit of trouble. When you get home, you’ll have a lot to cope with, from urinating everywhere to whimpering all day. A lot can be done to make their lives simpler, such as:

  • Arrange enough water and food for them
  • Get them some toys (every time you go out, change the toys to make them feel excited)
  • Spend sufficient time with them before leaving
  • Try to arrange a companion for them


It is established that Dachshunds can be left alone when adequately trained and have enough entertainment to remain busy, but try not to leave them for an extended period. These canines thrive in the company of their owners, but as long as their owner has a little patience and understanding, these cute little pups will be happy to wait for them to return!

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