Health issues show similarities with Down syndrome

Pugs are sociable to humans and thrive on the love and attention they receive from their owners. In a bit of compact, Pugs are plenty of personalities. They are playful, affectionate, and cheekily willful. This breed is low maintenance, but you should know the warning signs and symptoms of the most common health problems that […]


How To Optimize Your Home as a Pet Owner

If you’re like most pet owners, then your furry friend is like your child—you want nothing more than for Fluffy and Fido to be happy and healthy. Of course, this involves regular trips to the vet for wellness visits and plenty of visits to the local dog park. At the end of the day, though, […]


What Is The Best Dog Kennels?

If you’re searching for the very best dog kennel for your fuzzy loved one, ensure you’re selecting one for all the right reasons. It’s easy, yet dogs, like everybody, do have their preferences as well as their own personalities. Some dogs are happy to lay sprawled out on the carpeting under your legs, while others […]

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Liver Disease In Dogs

Liver is one of the important organs of the dog. It helps with digestion and blood clotting. It also removes toxins from the system. When it malfunctions or becomes infected, it can make your dog very sick. Canine liver disease is dangerous but can be treated and managed. Learn about the signs, care, prevention, causes […]