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Different Types Of Rare Coral For Your Aquarium

Many people like to have an aquarium in their home. They can have a freshwater or a saltwater tank. For those that have a saltwater tank they have can some tropical fish and even rare corals. These are some great types of this coral to put in the fish tank. These types of coral are easy to grow and they will not harm the fish or the other life that is also inside of the tank.

Dish Anemones

This is a type of mushroom/ flower coral. They are going to need some light in the tank but it may take some time to determine just how much light this coral is going to need. They are placed on the bottom of the tank and if they are happy in their environment they will bloom. The coral will open up present some cool colors. If the coral is not blooming, move them up in the tank. This coral is safe for fish and other crustaceans that may also live in the fish tank. There are other types of mushroom and flower corals that will also bloom and open up in the tank.


This coral is popular for those that are looking for something rare but still easy to grow. They are placed in the tank and they have a high survival rate. They will adjust to many different kinds of light. They can also adjust to other conditions in the tank where some types of coral may not survive. This coral comes in many different types of colors. The colors range from browns and greens to different shades of reds and oranges. The coral will open up randomly so when a person is looking in the tank they may get a surprise. This is a type of leather coral. There are types of leather coral that are able to shed a waxy covering. When the coral opens up again in a few days they will have a harder texture.


This is a type of waving hand coral. They live in the mid-water and they like a moderate amount of light. They do best when they are placed in the sand. When the coral grows it will look like it is waving in the tank.


This is a coral that will need to be placed lower in the tank. When they pop open they will give off a fluorescent hue under the different lights. This coral is one of the button polyps types of coral. They will be able to reproduce quickly. They are colorful and once piece of coral can have many different colors. They will look like a button when they are fully in bloom.

Star Polyps

This is a unique type of coral. While it generally looks like a star the coral can take the shape of the environment that it is placed in. The coral can be used to grow along the rocks in the tank or even the aquarium walls. They do need a tank that is high in nutrients and is a little more challenging to grow. This coral comes in many different colors. These colors include purple, neon green, and even metallic shades.

These are some of the interesting coral that can be put into the fish tank. The coral does require care and each type has specific needs. Coral is nice to look at in the fish tank and can add to the beauty of the tank.


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