Tips for Making Your Puppy A Wonderful Addition to Your Household

Puppies are adorable, sweet, and fill your heart with love. It almost seems wrong to force them to do anything. Bringing a furry family member home is exciting, everyone wants to play and cuddle and that’s wonderful. However, you must also ensure that this puppy grows up to be a wonderful housemate and neighbor. The following are tips on puppy training phoenix az residents can easily implement.

Potty Training

If a puppy is old enough to leave its mother, it’s old enough to begin potty training. Many find the easiest method to be crate training. Simply put, when you are not available to keep an eye on the puppy, he or she should be in the crate. The puppy should be taken out every 1.5- 2 hours during the day. Watch for the puppy to potty outdoors, and then praise, praise, and praise some more. Offering a treat is also a great incentive. After the puppy goes potty, reward him with some play time and attention, as well. Soon your pup will understand what you want. If you catch the puppy going in the house, simply say ‘no’, and direct her to the appropriate place outside.


Puppies chew, that’s just no way around it. They are teething, and it feels good, and it’s just something they enjoy. Some pups outgrow this behavior quickly, for others it lasts. You’re not going to break the habit; the trick is to teach the puppy what is acceptable chewing material. If he is chewing your shoe, say ‘no’, take the shoe away and give him one of his chew toys.

Walking on Leash

walking on a leash, is not instinctual for a dog. The puppy will have to be introduced to the leash slowly. All the puppy to walk around the house with the leash on for a bit, to get used to it. After a few days, take the dogs outside and walk a few steps while you hold the leash. Offer praise and encouragement. Keep this up for a few more days and soon the pup will be walking like a pro.

Ask for Help

No matter how much you love your new puppy training can be difficult, especially for the first-time pet parent. There are plenty of experts out there who offer training classes. If it makes your life easier, sign up for one.

Remain Calm

It’s important to remain calm and not allow yourself to become agitated while training your puppy. Use reward-based training and never resort to yelling or hitting. This only teaches a dog to be fearful and can result in behavioral issues down the line.

Relax and enjoy this stage in your pet’s life. Soon you’ll be looking back fondly on these days. Training takes time. Just stick with it and be consistent. Even when it seems that your pet is never going to get it, one day he will amaze you and figure it all out. Just remember, your dog wants to please you and he’s just figuring out how to do it.

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