Should You Find Bullmastiff or Boerboel For Sale?

Boerboels and bullmastiffs are similar dogs when it comes to appearance. Both of them are powerful, large, and have big heads. It is crucial to determine the distinction and difference between these two breeds, especially if you cannot decide which one is the best for your needs.

Therefore, we created a thorough comparison that will help you make up your mind with ease.

Of course, you can find both bullmastiffs and Boerboel for sale, but you should remember that breeder needs to have certification and other documents so that you can get a dog with a perfect pedigree.


  • Bullmastiffs – According to experts, this is one of the oldest breeds that were around, and based on historical information, they were highly popular and prized for their guarding and hunting capabilities. Of course, today’s bullmastiffs are different from the ones that were used in 17th and 18 centuries. Past breed had similar appearance with Staffordshire Bull Terriers. You should also have in mind that they have a lineage that includes St. Bernard’s, Great Danes and Bloodhounds. The breeding association recognized it as a perfect breed back in 1925 after breeders standardized them.
  • Boerboel – It is unclear how boerboels first appeared in the world since numerous breeders and experts still have a dispute on what happened back in the day. The idea is that they were bred by settlers that left Holland, France, Germany, and Britain and embarked in South Africa with their native dogs. At the same time, large mining companies used them to guard mines since they are highly protective when it comes to the area in which they live. Even though the breed is still not recognized by the Kennel Club, they are highly prevalent in South Africa and other countries across the globe as well.

By checking here, you will learn more on bullmastiffs.


  • Bullmastiff – These dogs are powerful, large, and highly muscled, which means that males can stand up to 64 cm, while females are smaller and shorter. When it comes to weight, they can reach up to 59 kilos, while females can reach up to 54.
  • Boerboels – Similarly as bullmastiffs, Boerboels are large and powerful looking, well-muscled dogs in which males can reach up to 70 cm, while females are slightly shorter than males. They can weigh up to 90 kilos, which means that they can be massive and highly potent, which makes them perfect guard dogs. They are also athletic when it comes to appearance and can run at high speeds when it is needed.


  • Bullmastiff – These dogs are highly courageous and loyal, which means that they form strong bond and ties with their owners. However, you should note that they have to be taught about their place in the pack. They are perfect for people that are familiar with dog owning, and they already owned large and powerful dogs. At the same time, they require plenty of time for socializing and training so that they can become well-rounded adult dogs. However, you should always remember that they tend to wary of people that they never met before, which is another reason for their popularity.
  • Boerboel – They are courageous and self-confident as well, which means that they will become your perfect companions. We have mentioned above that they were used as watchdogs in South They are highly intelligent, which means that they will be able to learn new things with ease. However, you have to start with socialization and education training from the very beginning when they are still small and young and understand their place in the pack. They have to consider you as an alpha. Due to their size, they are ideally suited to people that are highly familiar with their specific requirements and needs. Novice dog owners should stay away from them. They are perfect family pets in households in which kids are older than toddlers are because they can accidentally injure your young ones due to large size. They create strong bonds with their families, which mean that they will become protective and loyal members of your family.

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Final Word

Both Mastiff and Boerboel are impressive, powerful, and extensive, and they are perfect choices for families that have old children that know how to behave next to them.

Therefore, if you have small children, you should wait for them to grow until you purchase any of these breed types. Boerboels have been known as perfect family pets in South Africa, while Bullmastiffs are prominent across the United Kingdom due to their size.

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