7 of the best dogs for small homes

According to Dog Trimmers, dogs with long legs and giant paws don’t just fit naturally into small homes. The size of the dog is not the only thing that should matter, you should also consider the energy levels of the dog and its noisiness. You may also want to consider how friendly the dog breed is, in terms of socializing with humans and other animals in the neighborhood.

Though there are dog breeds particularly good for smaller homes, all dogs will require some form of exercise to keep them healthy and agile. It is therefore important to set out a time for regular activity outdoor for these small home dog breeds. With all these general traits at the back of your mind, Dog trimmers generally consider the following as the best dog breeds for smaller homes;

The Bichon Frise

Every Dog Trimmer out there believes that the Bichon Frise is the best dog breed for smaller homes. Even at their maximum body size, this dog will never grow beyond 1 foot in height. Though the furballs are energetic in nature and they love to play, they can easily be confined to a small space, compared to large dog breeds. You can take them out daily at your own convenience, to exercise them. Bichon Frise sheds less of its hair than similar breeds which are also an advantage. The fact that these breeds shed less of its hair makes it suitable for people living with allergies.

The Yorkshire and Boston Terrier

With good home training and constant socialization, your Yorkshire terrier will surely be on your side. The breed can be one of the best options for smaller apartments because they are quite small enough to exercise even indoors. The typical Yorkshire terrier weighs less than 3kg and its minimal shedding means it is suitable for those living with allergies.

Similarly, the Boston Terrier is a dog breed that rarely grows taller than 1 foot. This dog can be hyperactive in nature; hence she is going to need a daily brisk-walk exercise. If you keep your Boston Terrier well-exercised, you will discover how affectionate and gentle she can get.

The Bulldog

The Bulldog is particularly good for small homes because of her laziness. You need to walk them for short distances just to keep them happy. They enjoy lazing around snoozing, and they are very gentle dog breeds. The Bulldog rarely grows taller than 16 inches.

The English bulldog perhaps should be one of your considerations. It is one cheery dog that enjoys napping on the couch for hours. These dogs rarely back and they are very good with kids.

The Pug

Whether you like or hate them, the pugs are always humble and loyal to their owners, and those traits make them suitable for smaller homes and apartments.

They are very social in nature, they will surely require lots of human attention or you should at least find them some companions. The pug will rather watch all events as they happen from the comfort of her bed, therefore she can be your ideal apartment buddy.

The Chihuahua

Known for its relatively small size, the Chihuahua will make an excellent choice for small homes because they require minimal exercise from day to day.  These breeds will also enjoy staying close to their owners though they can be untrusting of unfamiliar people. It is important to supervise these breeds in any social situation they find themselves.

A Chihuahua can weigh as little as 1kg; hence she can be carried around from place to place which makes it an ideal dog for regular travelers too.

The Chinese Crested

If you are looking for a remarkably laid back dog breed, the Chinese Crested will be one of your best options. It is often regarded as the best companion for those that are bedridden or partially disabled owners. It is a low-energy breed and can even lay in her bed for several hours a day, just watching everything happening around.

Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear breed is regarded as one of the finest happy-go-lucky dogs that perfectly fits into smaller apartments and homes. These breeds are very small in stature and dog trimmers believe their coats are very easy to care for. They are generally friends to humans (even strangers), and animals hence you wouldn’t have issues having them around enclosed apartments.

Coton de Tulear will normally require little or moderate exercises, they enjoy the fetch and go walks and they also enjoy some moderate agility activities. It is quite safe and convenient to have your Coton de Tulear inside all day.


In addition to the dog breeds mentioned above, there are several other dog breeds that are worth mentioning, that fit into the small-homes category. The Dachshund, for instance, is the smallest of the hound dog breeds, they are very lively and they have short legs that make it easier to exercise them indoors. The Havanese or Velcro dog is another dog breed that will choose to remain indoors with her owner as opposed to staying outdoors. They are clingy in nature but that does not mean they have low energy. They love to play, especially when their owners are around, and they normally grow under a foot tall in height.

The Greyhound is another dog breed worth mentioning here. This may be a surprising addition to this list, considering their high energy and lanky legs. Greyhounds will normally require daily walks for a few minutes to an hour a day. They are quite calm and placid in nature; hence they can handle the demands of a small home. The Lhasa Apso breed is another dog that rarely grows beyond a foot in height. It is a friendly and loyal dog but still requires some early training and socialization skills to bring out the best in her. Her coat will require some daily brushing plus regular bathing to keep her clean and tidy.

Other small home compatible breeds worth mentioning include the Löwchen, Maltese, Manchester Terrier, Pekinese, Pomeranian, Poodle Schipperke, Shih Tzu, Toy Fox Terrier, Boston Terrier, and Basenji.

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