Wellington cat owners want the best care for their pets. With that in mind, the developers of Hillcrest Cat Motel complex in Lower Hutt created a complete cat-oriented 24-hour daycare in a quiet, rural area for your beloved pet. Their specialised staff are always willing to provide the best services available for you and your cat. Hillcrest’s quality services stems from the comprehensive training of their staff and specialised facilities.

Hillcrest Cat Motel is an established business that offers all the services that your pet would need, and it will make your life easier on the way. The experience begins with the pick-up or delivery of your furry friend, that’s right, you don’t have to waste any time in putting your pet in their hands or vice versa.

Nevertheless, if you decide to drive to the ranch, you will be convinced that this accommodation is the best place for it. There you will find a full-sized farm surrounded by trees and grass, with spacious rooms and playgrounds for your cat. Even though this Cat Motel is committed to providing its guests with comfort and entertainment, they are also concerned about security, by having a getaway-free system of fine meshes and fences.

In case any guest faces any discomfort or disease during its stay – or if it is all ready receiving a treatment -, the staff of veterinarians will promptly administer the appropriate medication to ensure its fast recovery, providing a detailed report of the incident.

Another element that sets Hillcrest Cat Motel apart is flexibility, they manage three different types of spaces, where they can take care of up to three cats by arrangement, either in single or multiple units – as long as multiple cats can be boarded in the same flat. In the same fashion and conscious that every breed has unique needs according to their nature, Hillcrest staff are trained to deal with every cat breed that may be registered into the Motel.

Love for cats can’t be measured, and when your pets need a place to stay, the Lower Hutt Hillcrest Cat Motel cattery is the way to go.

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