Katzengeschnurre Blog: How Cats Can Boost People’s Health

Cat lovers, did you know how your pets can enhance your life? Sure, these cute little felines are adorable when they snuggle and cuddle with you, and it is very heartwarming to watch these little furry creatures curl up into a lazy ball on the floor or your bed. But how can your feline friends improve your health?

Read this article to find out. According to experts, your furry buddies know how to settle down and be serene; these serenities can be passed down to everyone. Cats tranquility can be passed down to their owners, so all its excitable qualities that are blocking your concentration can compose itself and give your mind back its self-command that it has lost. A cat’s presence is enough to do this.

The effect of the cat on our concentration is mysterious and very remarkable. These furry creatures usually hailed as pets that can soothe and bring calmness. That is why places like cat caf├ęs – where everyone can go and cuddle or stroke a cat while having their favorite drinks – are very popular nowadays.

But aside from energetic reports from cat owners about the benefits of owning a cat, what well-being and health benefits can we expect from these furry creatures? In this article, we will take a closer look at some scientific studies about how cats can help enrich people’s lives and boost our health.

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Soothing massage for our soul

Who among us has not had the experience of being all set to do business, only to find out you have been sucked into the wormhole of cute cat videos? These clips are very addictive, usually the focus of many minutes and hours spent on procrastinating.

But according to research, there are a lot of good reasons why we get addicted to these cat videos: they make people a lot happier and help us keep out negative emotions at a minimum. Even if people are watching these cat videos on Facebook or YouTube while they are working or procrastinating, the emotional gain may actually help us take on challenging tasks afterward.

Not only that, according to a survey conducted by a feline group in 2011, people who spend a lot of time with kittens or cats reported that they feel calmer and less upset. Of the owners who participated in the survey, at least 80% believed that sharing their space with a cat or kitten improved their overall health and well-being, while 70% felt that their feline pets helped them cope up with their daily stress a lot better.

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Sitting with a relaxed cat at the end of your hectic day is a very soothing massage for your soul. Although people think that cats are aloof and lack the empathy that is usually associated with dogs, cats may actually be able to know and understand when owners are feeling gloomy and react accordingly.

That is why, according to a study published by the Animal Cognition journal in 2015, domestic cats can read people’s facial expressions to know specific emotional cues. It allows them to respond, depending on the mood of the people around them.

Benefits for our well-being

Felines can also bring health benefits to the people around them, especially to their owners. For example, one study found that pet owners have a lower risk of experiencing heart problems. Another study argues that babies who grow up with pets like cats and dogs are less likely to develop obesity and acute allergies.

It might because babies exposed to these types of animals have more intestinal bacteria in their bodies – Oscillospira and Ruminococcus – which seems to have protective qualities. If a person is exposed to felines early, it can also be associated with a lower risk of getting asthma in children. Researchers believe that it is because the interaction with these creatures contributes to a child’s absorption of a kind of sialic acid that doesn’t naturally occur in humans but regulates inflammatory reactions.

How can domesticated felines train people to do well?

Aside from the physiological and psychological benefits that these creatures bring, it turns out that they can also influence the behavior of people around them and their personalities, as well as help them do better in their day-to day-life.

Recently, research suggests that domesticated felines can actually contribute to people’s financial success in an unexpected way: by infecting them with parasites Toxoplasma gondii. This kind of infection – also known as Toxoplasmosis – does not usually have a lot of ill effects on adults.

Still, it has been tied to some severe health conditions in small kids and individuals with weak or compromised immune systems. But according to researchers, T.Gondii can actually make people take risks that can lead to financial gain.


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